Clinical Hypnotherapy

Attain Holistic Health & Fitness Mandurah


Our clinical hypnotherapy expert in Mandurah can assist your conscious awareness by accessing your sub-conscious beliefs which enables you to understand and redress imbalances between the two. This results in reducing stress and anxiety, depression and addictive behaviour. You can then feel more calm and positive about the world in which you live.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has been used widely and successfully for many years in Australia and overseas for the relief of a number of problems and conditions.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Well known in the community as being effective for giving up smoking and for weight management, Clinical Hypnotherapy is also powerful in many areas of life in which people experience symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and tension.

Gaining permanent, positive outcomes from Attain’s Clinical Hypnotherapist can take anywhere from one or two sessions to many weeks of therapy depending upon the complexity of the problem and the nature of the underlying subconscious beliefs that are causing or contributing to the problem.