PowerTone Tables

Power-assisted exercise tables designed to remove limitations to exercise and movement

The complete set of Powertone Plus Pilates machines provide exercise moves that would require the equivalent of over 20 conventional exercise machines. With variations, the Power Assisted Exercise system can provide many different exercises ensuring a total body workout, including full cardio benefits, in only 30 minutes.

Additional benefits come from the use of Pilates techniques which strengthen deep postural muscles, promoting greater trunk strength and pelvic stability, increasing flexibility and strength, helping to improve posture and body awareness.

The six machines and their uses and benefits are described below.

Flys and Thighs

Pec deck and thigh abduction/adduction

Exercises and shapes the upper back, abdominals, shoulders, chest and arms, whilst trimming and improving the buttocks, hips, inner and outer thighs.

Tummy Crunch

Sit up, knees to chest, torso extensions

Gently firms and exercises the abdominal muscles, strengthens the lower back and mobilises the buttocks, legs, knees, hips and waist.

Posture Pullover

Upper body pullover

Moving pad gently lifts the ribcage helping to improve breathing, whilst the pullover action firms and strengthens the chest, upper back, upper arms and shoulders, improving posture and upper body mobility.

Waist Away

Waist twist

Exercises the abdominals and waistline and adds strength and flexibility to the lower back.


Swim kick action

Gently exercises and tones the hips, buttocks, lower back and legs.

Bums and Tums

Upper back, buttocks and feet massage

Tones and tightens the buttocks, hips and tummy. A gentle and relaxing vibrating massage works on the upper back, buttocks and feet, helping to detoxify the body and reduce cellulite.

Advantages of power-assisted exercise machines

  • Integrate the best features from isotonic, isokinetic, passive and cardiovascular exercise training systems
  • Maximum training benefits take less time and give faster results
  • Maximal relative overload of muscle at every joint angle throughout the full range of motion
  • Double-positive resistance throughout the full range of motion in both concentric and eccentric phase
  • Physiological improvement of both fast and slow twitch muscle fibres
  • Overload of the anaerobic and aerobic energy systems over the 30 minute program
  • Diminish possibility of injury to the muscle, joints and ligaments since the users never meet more resistance or endure loads more than they can handle. The machines give unrivalled, no impact, total body shaping and toning without over-stressing joints or muscles.
  • Strict form (technique) is guaranteed throughout the exercise
  • Reduction in post exercise muscle soreness, since muscles are thoroughly stretched out in the eccentric phase


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