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3 Myths about hypnosis busted

Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular method of addressing problems like smoking, depression, anxiety etc. However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion regarding hypnotherapy. Is it like staged hypnosis? Will the hypnotherapist have full control over you? As...

Here are top benefits of massage therapy you should know

Massage therapies are widely known for their immense benefits which are accompanied by great pleasure as well. Massage therapy works effectively to palliate symptoms of muscle and joint ailments and offers a refreshing feel right after you get off the massage bed. All...

Treatment for Unsightly Veins

“The veins on my legs are not as unsightly as they were after using the Galvanic Spa for 5 weeks and now I’m working my new Body Spa on them and although they are a work in progress the daily aching pain has gone!”

Body Spa Conquers Cellulite

Body Spa Conquers Cellulite with painless 5 minute treatments! By cleansing away the toxic waste stored in fat tissue, your body becomes healthier faster.