Body Spa Conquers Cellulite with painless 5 minute treatments!

RESULTS – Let the numbers speak for themselves

Great results that every “body” can achieve. You may choose from a voucher for 3 discounted visits to try out this amazing treatment or ask Bernice Barlow about purchasing your own unit. The best approach is to work internally and externally at the same time. By cleansing away the toxic waste stored in fat tissue, your body becomes healthier faster.

Men and women can benefit from these treatments. Target areas are stomach, bottom, legs and arms. Therapeutically the ‘Body Spa’ may be used for Lymphatic drainage, closed skin bruising, to soften scar tissue, post-pregnancy stretched skin, and infusing cream into aching joints to relieve discomfort.

Bernice Barlow is a practicing Naturopath in Mandurah, who has been qualified as a Remedial therapist since 1992 and later as a Naturopath. She has seen the benefits of using this treatment on stroke and lymph oedema patients as well. The soothing action is painless but delivers visible results fast. For those wanting to find out more and see if this Galvanic Body Spa treatment is for you, contact Attain today.