Hypnotherapy is an increasingly popular method of addressing problems like smoking, depression, anxiety etc. However, there still seems to be a lot of confusion regarding hypnotherapy. Is it like staged hypnosis? Will the hypnotherapist have full control over you?

As a service which offers hypnotherapy in Mandurah WA, we will try to bust a few myths about hypnosis which we perceive to be true.

Here is a list of the myths related to hypnosis:

1.) Hypnosis means full control: Hypnotherapy is often confused with staged hypnosis.The truth is that you don’t lose control over your mind or body. Hypnotherapy puts you in a state of trance where the mind is fully aware and you become more responsive. A hypnotherapist tries to use this state to your advantage by trying to seek answers about the underlying emotions and problems.

2.) Hypnosis can help you retrieve long lost memories: Hypnosis doesn’t restore your memories. However, it helps find out underlying emotions that might be creating stress or causing you to overeat. Hypnosis cannot help you find what you do not remember but it helps pointing out what you remember but seem to have stopped paying attention to. And yes, hypnosis cannot help you know about your previous birth, anyone who tells you that it can help you remember that stuff is trying to trick you.

3.) Hypnotists can get you to do whatever they want: Again, most of us have a negative impression about hypnosis because of what we have seen in movies or TV shows. This is a completely false impression. Your hypnotist can only make you do things you are willing to do since you have complete control over yourself. If you are worried that you might spill out your secrets during hypnosis, don’t think so much. One can lie even when one is hypnotised.